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Of course there’s more than one way to fix up your freight. But the best way makes life easier.


As a values-based company, we put ethics above everything. Ethics guide our policies and our decision-making. They are the foundation of the business and the cornerstone of our sustainability.


EXIM is a committed team, a new approach to freight and logistics, and an altogether more active partner in growing your business.

We also think about ethics as much as efficiency. It’s a little different, but it needs to be.

Find out more about how we work, who we are and what we can do for you.

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It would be great if you could just scan your stuff and consign in a click but the international freight industry’s not there just yet.

A quick call really is the only reliable way to collect all the details and be sure to get the best possible solution whatever you’re exporting or importing.

Goods to get and goods to go

Break through barriers to international import and export and build a bigger business.

As your freight and logistics genius, EXIM helps you use international transport networks more effectively—meeting commitments, solving problems, or creating opportunity.

À la mode

Shipping need not be by sea. Cargo rarely goes by car. And why is airfreight often late?

It’s good to be open-minded about different transport modes since each has its advantages.

We’ll always help you find the best way to send or receive your consignments based on what really matters most to you and your customers.

What's news

Some of our recent news and insight

No end of terms

Freight terminology is as big a barrier to seamless trade as any customs post or tariff agreement. 

So, jettison the jargon and get the secret language of freight straight.

We use Exim for our shipments globally, including movement of hazardous. They have always been unfazed by things that are out of the ordinary and have also been able to offer me hazardous packing services for my airfreight business.
S. Kiln, Warehouse Manager
We only started exporting after being introduced to Exim Solutions. We had looked into it before but our company is quite young and it seemed like there were a lot of hoops to jump through.
A. Coalfield, Purchasing Department
We have used Exim Solutions for a majority of our UK and international shipments since 2009 and always found them to be a most helpful and conscientious company.
C. Stanley, Operations Manager

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