Expect the impossible

EXIM is a different kind of freight and logistics company. Having an ethical outlook, we aim to create value for communities beyond the business and to act for good as well as in the interests of our clients and our people.

We think unconventionally too, challenging the industry to use imagination in ways that improve cooperation, streamline services and create opportunities.

In the spirit of effective partnership, we adopt our clients’ objectives and collaborate to achieve longer term, strategic goals as well as applying our thinking to the immediate problems. 

As a team and as individuals our commitment is demonstrated by a willingness to illuminate challenges, to stretch solutions and to find alternatives where none seem possible.

Genius meets genuine desire for change

It’s one thing to know the industry, to keep up with trading regulations and technology, but another thing to know when things need to change.

We are a values-based business created out of frustration with the way freight and logistics companies have always done things.

We wanted to get rid of the old boys’ club, the opaque workings and the mystifying language.

We break down the barriers, create transparency, and above all improve communications.

We’ve created a service ethos that resolutely puts customers first. Focused on your needs, we work hard to adopt your objectives and adapt to your business.

Rather than do things the same old way, we use imagination to solve problems, looking afresh at every business, its needs and its unique circumstances.





Let’s be honest

We will always be realistic about costs and timescales at the point of quoting, working hard to make sure we find a solution that really is the best for you.

Wish it wasn’t so, but sometimes there are logistics problems no amount of creative thinking can solve. When the worst happens and a consignment is delayed we will always be transparent and do our best to get things moving.


It’s happiness to help people

Like any industry, logistics has developed a language all its own and is subject to ever-changing laws, trade policies and agreements that make what should be a relatively simple thing quite complex.

We want to make it easier for you to understand the opportunities for your business that freight and logistics represent by being as clear as possible. We’ll always explain different approaches or our advice as well as helping to educate anyone on your team who would like to learn more about what we do.


Trade has a debit account

There’s no getting away from the facts of international logistics. However efficiently you fill trailers or containers or aircraft holds, consignments cost the environment more than we appear to be willing to pay.

The environmental cost of transportation through embodied carbon in the fleets of trucks, ships or aircraft and the fossil fuels used on every journey is eye-watering.

We already make efforts to minimise environmental impact through shared load efficiencies and reduced air freight consignments and we are also a carbon neutral business within our own tiny operation.

While that all helps, we need to do more. So, we are also developing additional ethical freight services with environmental benefits which we hope to launch in the near future.

Our mission

Thinking differently about logistics, Exim are committed to creating value for communities, beyond the business and to act ethically for the good of people and planet

Dig a little deeper

Find out more about EXIM’s ethical approach to freight and logistics—how we are changing the industry from the inside, and how we’re investing in our community.

Ethical Freight

Our ethical approach to the freight and logistics business.


No business is ever entirely divorced from its communities

We have used Exim Solutions for a majority of our UK and international shipments since 2009 and always found them to be a most helpful and conscientious company.
C. Stanley, Operations Manager
We use Exim for our shipments globally, including movement of hazardous. They have always been unfazed by things that are out of the ordinary and have also been able to offer me hazardous packing services for my airfreight business.
S. Kiln, Warehouse Manager
We only started exporting after being introduced to Exim Solutions. We had looked into it before but our company is quite young and it seemed like there were a lot of hoops to jump through.
A. Coalfield, Purchasing Department

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