Our Directors

EXIM has three directors, each having a unique set of skills. Some might say they are the ninjas of the logistics world.

Louise Ashdown

Founder, Owner and Director

Queen of operations, and never a strong cup of coffee out of arms reach. When she’s not living her best life at Beyonce concerts, she’s checking out the next Bougee brunch locations, reigning in Ben’s ideas or keeping tabs on David.

Ben Scully

Founder, Owner and Director

The ideas guy. Some of which are wonderful, some of which are a bit crazy but apparently, there’s no such thing as a bad idea, right? He’s recently become a big fan of ‘open water swimming’. Or just ‘swimming’ as some of us call it! Good for the soul apparently.

David Lampin

Founder, Owner and Director

Our very own memory man. David has a wealth of knowledge stored away and can relay the rates of most European trade routes off the top of his head. Also, the phone number for every house he’s every lived in… so you know… definitely some useful stuff there.

Our Accounts

EXIM doesn’t like to hide away, we believe in transparancy. We like to think that hard work pays off and are not afraid for all to see our yearly accounts.

2022 Accounts

2023 Accounts

We have used Exim Solutions for a majority of our UK and international shipments since 2009 and always found them to be a most helpful and conscientious company.
C. Stanley, Operations Manager
We use Exim for our shipments globally, including movement of hazardous. They have always been unfazed by things that are out of the ordinary and have also been able to offer me hazardous packing services for my airfreight business.
S. Kiln, Warehouse Manager
We only started exporting after being introduced to Exim Solutions. We had looked into it before but our company is quite young and it seemed like there were a lot of hoops to jump through.
A. Coalfield, Purchasing Department

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