Exim Solutions


We are proud to offer a first class service and are always ready to meet your specific requirements. Your team will have full knowledge of your products and understand your core markets and your export/import visions. Plus, we will always be on hand to keep you up-to-date with information at every stage of the process.

  • Flexibility

    We will offer all customers, on request, our mobile contact numbers (we appreciate that international transport is not always based on 9-5 GMT).

  • Priority

    When we are dealing with your urgent enquiry, our lunchtime goes on hold until it is resolved.

  • Ownership

    Seamless and stress-free. Working with a small team ensures that, if there are any operational issues, you will not be redirected to somebody else. Everyone’s focus is situation resolution.

  • Transparency

    In this day and age, isn’t it refreshing to come across honesty? Well, that’s our ethos. Promising the unachievable is counterproductive to all. We will be upfront with you from the start, because we firmly believe that such a policy ensures we can avoid potential issues occurring further down the line. You can rely on us to keep you in the loop and in control of any given situation.

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