Customs with minimum constraints

Simplify the movement of goods by ensuring customs declarations are accurate and tax liabilities taken care of rapidly.

Exim maintains the smooth flow of business and mitigates risk by managing tax and regulatory obligations. Because we are an accredited operator, we can handle imports and exports throughout the UK, and by being independent, we can also prioritise your shipments.

Customs Services

For a trading society we’re pretty good at putting up bureaucratic barriers. It’s all too common to find your shipment languishing in some wind-swept port, simply because a T was not crossed, nor an I dotted.

But who has the time to master the complexities of international trading regulations or the demands of individual nation’s customs declarations?

Acting as your direct representative we manage the whole process, advising on requirements and declarations, negotiating clearances, and handling tax liabilities on imports.

Unlike larger clearing houses, we offer a bespoke service that builds knowledge and experience in your team, and where larger operators simply add you to a queue, we prioritise your shipments.

Direct Representation Within the UK

Exim is an Authorised Economic Operator, actively involved in customs operations and international trade.

We maintain badge codes to enable us to manage customs clearances at most of the major UK ports of entry: Felixstowe, Harwich, London Gateway, Southampton and Liverpool to name a few.

Food & Drink

We have particular in-depth knowledge of the specific requirements of DEFRA/Port Health Authority to make completion of all necessary documentation and certification simpler, including the Common Health Entry Document (CHEDP) and the PEACH system (procedure for electronic application for certificate from the horticultural marketing inspectorate).

Get a load of the technicalities

There’s a whole container-load of terms and abbreviations to get your head around when importing and exporting through customs. The following list has some of the most common you’re likely to hear, but the key thing is, you don’t have to learn them all. Leave it to us.

Read more about our support for food and drink brands – I presume this will link to stories about food and drink brands

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