Freight & Logistics Services

The internet created a global market, logistics keeps it open.

Although often thought of as a cost, freight and logistics can be a source of advantage to your business, if you use some imagination.

Outsourcing agony

How you plan, buy and coordinate the movement of goods between centres can have a positive impact.

Think how scheduling can simplify supply lines or relieve pressure on production
Or how achieving target delivery times can influence customer acquisition and retention
Or how transport choices might reduce the environmental footprint of the business

Thinking creatively about logistics can strengthen the links in your supply chain and make deliveries a competitive advantage.

When consignments are not core business

Outsourcing the strategic planning and management of freight and logistics to a partner frees up time to concentrate on your core.

We help companies of very different types make logistics work better:

Start-up businesses importing to the UK

Food and drink brands reaching international markets

Trade wholesalers moving consumer goods throughout Europe

Read more about our support for food and drink brands – I presume this will link to stories about food and drink brands

3PL and 4PL—Logistics as a service

Mastering freight and logistics is a bit specialist and not every business has scope to dedicate people to the task.

As a flexible business, EXIM supports you as much or as little as you would like.

We can help if you simply need to manage frequent shipments to support supply or demand.

At the other extreme we can work with you to rethink your whole approach to logistics as a strategic component of the business, managing shipments, customers, warehousing and delivery at arms length.

These guys are just the best.
John Doe, ABC company
We've been using Exim for over 5 years and their service is second to none.
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