Meet the Team

We’re a collaborative lot, really keen to help make international trading work better for you.

Tenacity by the trailer load

We recruit from outside the industry, finding people with the right attitude and similar beliefs to us. 

Louise Ashdown

Queen of operations, and never a strong cup of coffee out of arms reach. When she’s not living her best life at Beyonce concerts, she’s checking out the next Bougee brunch locations, reigning in Ben’s ideas or keeping tabs on David.

Ben Scully

The ideas guy. Some of which are wonderful, some of which are a bit crazy but apparently, there’s no such thing as a bad idea, right? He’s recently become a big fan of ‘open water swimming’. Or just ‘swimming’ as some of us call it! Good for the soul apparently.

David Lampin

Our very own memory man. David has a wealth of knowledge stored away and can relay the rates of most European trade routes off the top of his head. Also, the phone number for every house he’s every lived in… so you know… definitely some useful stuff there.

Johnny Rodgers

Johnny is our party animal from the US of A. Now we hate to stereotype, but he plays American Football, makes a mean mac ‘n’ cheese and point-blank refuses to pronounce ‘aluminium’ correctly. Always the first one to sign up to a social gathering and the last to leave the party, we love his enthusiasm for everything!

Mark Harding

Mark’s list of hobbies is as long as your arm. What doesn’t he like to do? Boxing and cycling for fitness… Vintage craft fairs for an industrial upcycle find… Dog walking and time with the grandchildren for chilling out. And these are just a few! We’re exhausted just writing this!

Tanya Fosker

Now that Tanya’s three kids have grown up and flown the nest, is she sitting back with her feet up? Not a chance. She’s rolled up her sleeves and has become a DIY queen, upcycling everything in sight!

Brian Charles

Always dressed to impress. Brian’s experience in European imports is always to be trusted. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for leaving him unsupervised with the biscuit tin.

Shelly Mathias

Shelly is our resident baker. Making incredible cakes for everybody’s birthdays which taste amazing and look incredible. Fortunately for her, Shelly is also a qualified fitness instructor so those bakes come relatively guilt free for her!

Nicola Quilter

Word is she’s the fastest walker in Suffolk. She can be found knocking up a six course meal for family and friends, or when her social battery is low, snuggling up with her cat, Angus who has virtually achieved instafame.


Head of Barketing – Eric is pretty much everyone’s therapy dog. He checks in with us once a week to make sure we’re all in tip top shape with a cuddle for anyone that needs it.

Harry Tindall

A one man walking Ticketmaster, Harry can get you into anywhere… He likes to call this sideline a  new interpretation on the gig economy. 

David Parry

David does the heavy lifting… at the gym he’s always on the weights. But when the work is done, he’s an inveterate event planner. Will we (or his poor family, for that matter) ever tire of the excitement. Nope.

Tenacity by the trailer load

We’re a collaborative lot, really keen to help make international trading work better for you.