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What our clients say

To us, service is everything and our loyal client base is testimony to our superior service levels.

We have used Exim Solutions for a majority of our UK and international shipments since 2009 and always found them to be a most helpful and conscientious company. When things have not gone completely to plan, which does happen occasionally in the transport business, they have tried their best to find a solution to the problem but, more importantly, kept us informed of the situation so we could advise the customer. They also have no hesitation in continuing to deal with situations outside normal office hours when necessary and have been happy to give advice to us on shipping matters even when they have not been directly involved in the matter. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any other company.

C. Stanley, Operations Manager

July / 2015

We use Exim for our shipments globally, including movement of hazardous. They have always been unfazed by things that are out of the ordinary and have also been able to offer me hazardous packing services for my airfreight business. It’s really handy for me to just be able to speak to one person to get this all done, allowing me to get on with other jobs within the business.

S. Kiln, Warehouse Manager

July / 2015

We only started exporting after being introduced to Exim Solutions. We had looked into it before but our company is quite young and it seemed like there were a lot of hoops to jump through. Our Exim account manager held our hands through the whole process, giving us advise along the way which in turn gave us the confidence to sell to International clients. We are now able to offer this as a service, which has led to a lot more international enquiries and business. We would definitely recommend Exim Solutions to anyone thinking about shipping overseas for the first time.

A. Coalfield, Purchasing Department

July / 2015

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